After seven years on the job (interrupted by two maternity leaves) as a financial auditor I decided I needed a change and decided to quit.
In the early stages, only my husband knew about my "secret creative project". I do not remember exactly how I thought of creating a board game for pregnant women perhaps it was intuition after all I had experienced the joys of pregnancy twice myself. I remember standing in the bedroom doorway in the middle of the night talking to him about it.
I worked on the games mostly in the evenings after we put our two little sons to bed and also during lunch breaks when one was in kindergarten and the other was having his well-earned afternoon nap. I had members of my family and close friends that had been through the joys of motherhood test the games and provide invaluable feedback. Natália Biathová (my designer) went through all my crazy ideas with me and gave the games their beautiful look. 
Finding the right manufacturer was extremely arduous process but I wanted to support work in my local region and I am very happy that we managed to find a local sheltered workshop to cooperate with us. I am sure you will be pleasantly surprised by the quality of the workmanship of the finished product.
I am especially grateful to my husband, sisters and Natalia for their help in all aspects of this venture and for supporting me during my (r)evolution. I often imagine future mothers and their families playing these games, having fun and being surprised by how much new information about pregnancy and childbirth it will bring them.
I am delighted that the game has finally come to market and my goal is to bring information and education in a fun and playful way to as many people as possible!
Lucia Rosiarova